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4 Consumer packs now available

1kg Bee Pollen (Dry)

$67.00 Incl Postage (Anywhere in Aust) Inc GST



2kg Bee Pollen (Dry)

$109.00 Incl Postage (Anywhere in Aust) GST Inc



3kg Bee Pollen (Dry)

$141.00 Incl Postage (Anywhere in Aust) GST Inc



5kg Bee Pollen (Dry)

$220.00 Incl Postage (Anywhere in Aust) GST Inc



Quantities 20 kg and over POA

Please allow up to 21 days for delivery, all despatches are on Fridays

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Postage is $20.00 up to 5kgs and is included in the price.

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The general RDA is about one tablespoon (measured).

Food Warning: It is important to note that in rare cases, an allergic reaction to pollen may be experienced.

We always recommend that anyone with any unhealthy condition or suspected sensitivity see their doctor before ingesting honeybee pollen. This is strictly a suggestive guideline and your physician should be consulted if you are in question.

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