In November 2014 Saxonbee Enterprises proudly achieved certification for processing of certified organic pollen including drying and cleaning.

We source 100% organic pollen from a number of leading certified organic bee pollen producers in Western Australia.

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What is Certified Organic?
Certified Organic means that under the Australian Consumer and Competition Act, the product must be independently audited and verified by a third party certifier accredited by the Department of Agriculture. These products must comply with strict organic standards.

Certified Organic producers are required to undergo a 3-year conversion process to ensure that non-organic, industrialised farming methods and inputs are phased out, and operation is managed in compliance with the standards on an ongoing basis.

Certified Organic products do not contain:

GMOs – organic standards prohibit their use
Hormonal growth promotants or synthetic additives
Chemical herbicides, fungicides or insecticides
Synthetic fertilisers.
Certified Organic production is also required to consider social justice and animal welfare issues, biodiversity and the revegetation of the land to ensure long term sustainability.

Certified Organic products carry a certification logo and certification number. This is your assurance that there is a third party certification of the integrity of every step of the production process, from paddock to plate.

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